For the purpose of reducing the development time needed to introduce the RFID technology in a given design, and especially the I2C RFID technology, the project is developing a complete system called "Transceiver". The system must allow test the different features offered by this technology, facilitating the introduction of the tag and its functionality in the product and the development of the traceability service based on RFID.

The transceiver system will be composed of two clearly differentiated modules:


Elements that make up the system Transceiver ecoRFID.

Reader Module

This module will be responsible for reading and writing data from the RFID tags and, in the case that the chip incorporates I2C communications, control the data gateway functionality between the product that integrates the RFID tag and the process or the user of the ecoRFID system.

The main reason that this reader is developed for is the implementation of a I2C communication protocol compatible with the development KIT.

Other features:

  • Desktop usage: Mini-USB connection to desktop devices like PC Windows or MAC OS.
  • Mobile usage: Bluetooth connection to mobile devices and power supplied by battery, rechargeable from mini-USB connector.

In addition of the reader, the set of software libraries and APIs necessary for their operation will be facilitated.

SDK. Development Kit

As a technology demonstrator, a Development Kit (SDK) is being developed to facilitate the integration of RFID I2C into new designs.

The deliverables will include all the required hardware, as well as APIs, examples and documentation.

  • Development board based on ATMEL microcontroller.
  • RFID-I2C tags from the main brands with the embedded chip, optimized antenna and I2C connector to the development board.
  • Full API that allows communication between microcontroller and RFID tag, including I2C-RFID bidirectional gateway functions in real time.
  • Full documentation, with usage examples of each function of the APIs and demo.
  • Development to include the use of Shields compatible with Arduino Uno rev.3 in the developments made using the SDK.
  • It can be used with the development environment of Arduino.



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