Industry 4.0

CERLER Global Electronics, through this ecoRFID project and following its technological strategy, continues to promote intelligent manufacturing, Industry 4.0. The fourth Industrial Revolution.


The project is working to find a solution to the analysis of large amounts of data (Big Data) and so that the results of these data become useful information for the process, the environment, the product traceability and a valuable tool for all actors in the product life cycle.

Number of variables collected by manufactured board | ecoRFID

Variables collected by machine by manufactured board | ecoRFID

Working on SPC (Statistics Process Control) tools, relational Models between variables, predictive Models, RFID technology and the Cloud Computing to reach a meeting point where the data of the manufacturing process is shared in RT (Real Time) for making smart decisions in the manufacturing process.

Decisions will be made by the product itself thanks to its own intelligence through RFID technology.

SPC tools | ecoRFID

Images of SPC panels in the pilot phase of the project

Relational models

Predictive models represent the relationship between variables through a mathematical model, which in addition of linking variables, allows making predictions of the output values based on the inputs. ecoRFID, through probabilistic models is able to estimate the probability of success or failure depending on diverse input variables.

Relational models | ecoRFID