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Cloud Computing | ecoRFID

ecoRFID System


The ecoRFID project binds the information provided by all members in the production process of a good, including the waste manager, in a transverse tool, a web platform. Its aim is to be able to share information in an agile way from the cloud.

ecoRFID Cloud Tool


The cloud tool of ecoRFID will allow to manage any type of product with a reader RFID directly from the web, facilitating the recording and distribution of information from the product itself.

The database hosted in the cloud will host data about the basic materials used, the amount recycled, as well as the environmental impact of the product phases.

Traceability and mobility | ecoRFID

Traceability and mobility

With the data provided by all members in the life cycle of the product, traceability reports will be generated at both product and environmental impact level which can be accessed from anywhere through mobile devices.

Exchange of information | ecoRFID

Exchange of information

The platform will assist in sharing information with the other actors, such as regulations RoHS, REACH, plans and disassembly instructions required by Regulation 208/2005, of February 25 and other documents that may be considered interesting (videos, pdf, links of interest...).

Cloud platform users | ecoRFID


Users management can know and manage their accesses and privileges to the platform, as well as what kind of information can be entered or consulted.

The main roles in the tool will be: PCB manufacturer, EMS (Electronic Manufacturer Subcontractor), Final Product manufacturer or Waste manager.