Traceability - Environmental impact - RFID | ecoRFID


CERLER Global Electronics (Spain), EUROCIR (Spain) and KUNSHAN SUHANG CIRCUIT BOARD (China), with extensive experience in the development and manufacture of electronic products, have teamed up to create a system of complete traceability embedding a RFID tag in the base of all electronic products, the printed circuit, to accompany it during its entire life from manufacturing to its end.



  • Ensure traceability of electronic products.
  • Integrate environmental aspects into product design and process.
  • Minimize environmental impact during the entire life cycle of the product.
  • Use key enabling technologies (KETs) to the Industry 4.0.


This project, with title TRANSVERSE INTEGRATION OF RFID TECHNOLOGY IN LIFECYCLE FOR ECO-DESIGN AND RECYCLING OF ELECTRONIC PRODUCTS, has received the certification seal CHINEKA (CHK-20130001), according to the criteria of the bilateral program that CDTI keeps with Chinese organizations TORCH and INNOFUND.