Cerler Global Electronics
Kunshan Suhang Circuit Board

Cerler Global ElectronicsCompany dedicated to the design and assembly of electronic products for sectors such as metering, lighting, automotion and appliances. Some of its clients are recognized multinationals.

CERLER has its own R&D&i area, by continuous investment in technological innovation projects oriented towards manufacturing processes that allow them to maintain and increase competitiveness in a global environment.

Cerler Global Electronics has opted for innovation based on RFID technology since 2006, implementing RFID technology for the design of flexible configuration production lines, adopting this technology as standard in its manufacturing lines and developing other R&D projects for internal logistics based on the use of RFID.

Continuing the commitment to RFID and taking a step forward in the electronics manufacturing industry, CERLER participates in ecoRFID project as the main coordinator of its activities.


EUROCIR dedicated to the manufacture and commercialization of printed circuit boards for various sectors (automotion, telephony, audio-video, television, remote control, etc ...).

The products range of Eurocir has become increasingly specialized due to a policy of investment in  R&D that in recent years has allowed them to generate higher added value products.

Continuous investment in R&D allows Eurocir to maintain a high level of technological development and bet on new manufacturing processes as is the case of the ecoRFID project, that carries Eurocir to lead the R&D activities for embedding the RFID chip in different PCB technologies and research on new resins for its encapsulation.

Kunshan Suhang Circuit Board Co., Ltd.Kunshan Suhang Circuit Board is a high-tech enterprise specialized in development and manufacture of double-sided printed circuit boards and multi-layer high precision, high density and high reliability.

The Suhang group has advanced equipment for PCBs manufacturing and testing. Its products are widely used in sectors such as communications, computing, medical assistance, automotion, military, etc.

The Suhang team of research and development has always been in a leadership position in the Asian market so, at the forefront of technology and manufacturing processes, today leads the development activities of the manufacturing processes for integration of the RFID chip in different PCB technologies.