BIFI. University of Zaragoza





I3A. University of Zaragoza


AMIPEMAMIPEM Consulting is a company focused on providing value-added professional services in Business Consultancy, Information Systems, Information Technologies and Radio Frequency Identification (RFID).

AMIPEM contributes to the ecoRFID project developing the necessary infrastructure for all participants  pilot experiences.

BIFI. University of ZaragozaThe Institute for Biocomputation and Physics of Complex Systems (BIFI) is a research institute of the University of Zaragoza that promotes the interdisciplinarity to face the scientific and technological challenges of the present.

BIFI is formed by researchers from the University of Zaragoza and other Spanish and foreign institutions. Their goal is to develop competitive research in the areas of computation applied to the physics of complex systems and biological models.

In addition to research in basic science, a fundamental point of the institute is the technology transfer between universities and the business world.

BIFI contributes to the ecoRFID project with the development of a Predictive Statistical Model to add intelligence to manufacturing processes based on real-time data and traceability of products thanks to its unique identification.


Technological company specialized in software solutions, marketing online, web design, systems and hosting.

EFOR contributes to the ecoRFID project developing the private platform for registration and exchange of information between actors in the system, which represents the actors in the life cycle of an electronic product from its birth to its end of life.

I3A. University of ZaragozaThe I3A is a research institute of the University of Zaragoza which works in the knowledge generation and technologies relating to engineering, transmitting them to the Society through technology transfer, education and dissemination of its activities.

Industrial Technology Division of I3A collaborates with the ecoRFID project designing a method for the development of antennas in PCB  for UHF RFID technology.

ITAINNOVAITAINNOVA is the Aragón Technology Institute, a public Technology Center whose mission is to help companies, technological leaders, institutions and all the people in our society to promote a new future from the hand of innovation and technological development.

It offers its services with a clear market orientation, providing real and innovative solutions from its research lines and innovation, which get transform and accelerate the technological processes of the companies or the new challenges of our society.

ITAINNOVA participates in the ecoRFID project in collaboration with the R&D&i of CERLER in the development of hardware and software for RFID communications.

RF-Embedded GmbH

The RF Embedded GmbH develops, produces and distributes hardware and software products based on RFID technology. The company was founded in 2007 with years of experience in the RFID field. To achieve a high level of expertise, the RF Embedded GmbH has specialized primarily on the integration of wireless technology in embedded systems (Radio Frequency into embedded systems). Thus, the UHF RFID product range was created which represents the core business.

RF Embedded GmbH has contributed to this Project with its UHF readers technology.