ecoPLM | ecoRFID


The Product Lifecycle Management or PLM is an integrated approach, based on the accumulation of information for all aspects of the life of a product and its environment, from its conception and design to manufacturing, the service deployment and the maintenance that culminates with removal of the product, recycling and final disposal. This system covers the entire product knowledge at all levels, including the environmental impact.


ecoRFID System



This approach of comprehensive knowledge of the product's environmental impact has been called ecoPLM.

All the own environmental information of the product and its environment is associated in the system to the unique identification of the RFID tag incorporated to the electronic product into its printed circuit (View RFID section) and it's stored in a Cloud repository (View Cloud section).


Obtaining and tracing information of all actors in the lifecycle of the product, will give feedback and will allow the analysis of environmental information for:

  • Improve the existing and new products eco-design.
  • Improve existing and new manufacturing processes to reduce their impact.
  • Improve the selection of raw materials to reduce their environmental impact.
  • Improve the recycling process, disposal and valorization of the product.


Information about the environmental life of the product for the life phase in the EMS:

  • Product impact data
  • Process impact data
  • PCB manufacturer data
  • Final product manufacturer data
  • Waste Manager data


Multiple references of PLM experts propose the traceability by RFID tags as a facilitator of the product lifecycle traceability: