RFID in the Aerospace IndustryThe Pioneers of UHF RFID: The Aerospace Industry

Retail RFID seems to get the most limelight in the RFID industry at the moment. And that is not surprising because of its huge tag volumes and growth rates. But there are many other industries that are benefiting from RFID use as well. One of my personal favorites is the aerospace industry.

Big DataData-driven innovation for growth and well-being

Data and research on e-commerce including measuring the information economy, internet economy outlook, open internet, openness, key ICT indicators, digital economy policy papers., Greater access and use of data creates a wide array of policy issues, such as privacy and consumer protection, open data access, skills and employment, and measurement to name a few.

Industria Conectada 4.0Industria Conectada 4.0

En la actualidad, la industria española representa el 13% del valor añadido del país y emplea al 11% de la población ocupada, siendo la principal contribuidora a la balanza comercial positiva. En este contexto, la iniciativa Industria Conectada 4.0 se ha lanzado con el fin de impulsar la transformación digital de la industria española mediante la actuación conjunta y coordinada del sector público y privado.

Medical University of South CaliforniaMedical University of South Carolina Expands RFID Solution

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PCR for liftsThe PCR for lifts is finally published

Past week, in the midst of the hussle and bussle of Interlift an important news hit visitors and exhibitors alike; the new PCR for lift was finally published. Those aware of process were expecting it for some time but no doubt Interlift was a good opportunity for the final announcement.